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    One thing to consider is the cost of maintaining that watch. Whatever you choose you should know that the cleaning of any mechanical is going to run you $400.00 + every two years. Omega, Rolex, Tudor are all often more. I've worn a Tag since I started in patrol in the mid 1980s with an all stainless model. They are tanks, left a few scars with the sharp bezel - not on purpose, just saying they hold up. Mechanical Tags are about the same price as Omega and for rough use or unpredictable use they hold up far better than my Rolex watches. I would also look at the battery operated Tags, they are about 50% of the mechanical versions. I have done business with a Mass company called Royal Jewelers of Andover MA, they have an extensive line of estate -used high quality watches and have a very knowledgeable staff, they may be of help in your search. Watches area lot like guns - good ones multiply!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 45Smashemflat View Post
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    30+ years and going strong...
    A Randall Model 1 with a stag handle? That is one sweet knife!!
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    Yup! It’s a good one!

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    Quote Originally Posted by coastalcop View Post
    The three "R"s Randall knife, ruby ring, and rolex watch , i wonder how many still remember that .
    Yup, thatís why itís photographed that way. Gotta have all three after the Q.

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