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    Default I'm uneducated, give me some watch guidance.

    Omega SMP300 or Planet Ocean 600M, Tudor Pelagos or Black Bay/BBGMT, Rolex Submariner.

    Edit to add: One that has stood the test of time but not as luxurious as the others is a Seiko Marine Master 300. (Lesser known cousin of the venerable SKX007, to the people that sort of keep up with it)

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    The Tudor black bay and the pelagos look amazing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeavySmoke View Post
    The Tudor black bay and the pelagos look amazing.

    I loved my Pelagos, positively reeked of quality and craftsmanship. I did ultimately sell it, only because I wasn’t attending as many functions where I could wear it appropriately ( while they are more than capable, the deer camp, garage, and my work, are not places I would personally wear it). I daily wear a Fitbit now as it alerts me to calls and messages , vibrates for an alarm, and has a smaller footprint on my wrist over a iwatch.

    I still have a steinhart ocean one titanium diver on a leather band as my social timepiece. it sits next to the XOs two tone oyster in the watch winder. For the rare social occasions it fits the bill for me.

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    Tudors are nice entry level watches. They were thought of as poor mans rolex, but since they were relaunched in 2009 that perception had changed, somewhat. For a basic timepiece, that exudes quality, taste, and is modestly priced, a SS Submariner would be my recommendation.

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    Just like your armament what is the purpose of the timepiece?

    Boardroom, business meeting, country club, training class, snorkeling, diving, personal enjoyment, etc etc?

    I recommend you narrow your price range somewhat. Watches are under $1,000. $1,000 to $3,000, $3,000 to $5,000, $5,000 to $10,000, then to infinity.

    You can get the same watch for $7k, $10k, $35k, or $85k depending upon the metal used in the case and band.

    Rolex is never wrong IF you know what and who you are buying from. They do not go down in value. Patek the same but out of your price point.

    Buy new, or buy used (“pre-owned”) from a real dealer if you can. I recommend Bernard Watch in Austin.

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    Watch eBay. Also High-end watches are like cars and furniture, the price on the tag is marked up 25-35% over what you can reasonably buy it for. And if you have any military or LEO connections, you might be able to pick up unit-marked watches at a relatively reasonable price.

    Also, think about what you want in a watch. In particular, the complications. Chronographs are more expensive. The fancier complications cost even more. Also the look. Most of these watches use the same handful of movements, but with different cases. And do you want a true automatic, or will hand-winding do?

    WRT manufacturers, they are all good, but I think Rolex and Breitling are both marketing name recognition. Is this important to you? Or are you willing to accept a less-well-known brand?

    I've got three high-end watches. The old Heuer Carerra I inherited, it doesn't count. But I've got an IWC Fliegerchronograph. I wanted a chronograph for work reasons, like the IWC design. And while it's not a household name, people who know watches know what it is. The other is a Bremont ALT-1Z. Also a chronograph, with shock-absorbing mounts. This one is a U.S. Naval Test Pilot School edition, limited to TPS graduates. My only regret with that one was going with the dark gray face...I wish I'd gone with white to show the TPS insignia better.

    It's up to you.

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    Rolex is a brand that almost everyone knows, so it is a pretty safe bet in terms of value retention. As I get older, I find myself spending an inordinate amount of time chasing my misspent youth. So I end up buying cars, guns and watches I wanted back in the day but could not afford. Since I am at a point in my life that I rarely have to dress up anymore, about the only time I wear my Rolex is Church on Sunday, but it is rugged enough for everyday use. I went with a vintage GMT Master from the 80's, the watch my parents would have bought me for graduation if they had truly loved me. It just seems to fit with my vintage Bob Chow Combat Commander .45 carried in a Milt Sparks holster for weddings and the like....
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    I consider Rolex to be jewelry, Omega, Tag, Breitling, and others to be time pieces that keep accurate time, are beautiful, and built like tanks.
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    Default Tudor Pelagos

    83419601_3452743198132185_1411106767751872512_n.jpgTudor Pelagos , 500 meter pressure rated, titanium, Scratch Proof, two bands Titanium and Rubber, Ceramic glowing bezel, $4,400 US. A better Submariner than the Rolex Sub

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Nichols View Post
    I consider Rolex to be jewelry, Omega, Tag, Breitling, and others to be time pieces that keep accurate time, are beautiful, and built like tanks.
    Omega, tag, breitling are good watches, sort of like a Toyota Camry is good car. Some would prefer a Porsche or Lamborghini.

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