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    Lightbulb 870 Folding Brace on the left side (Good or bad idea?)

    Bought one of these awhile back and love it:

    Building a second and I thought about combining:


    For the purpose of allowing the brace to fold down the left side and allow the 870 to function with a folded brace.

    -Can use with a closed brace - not sure how viable/practical this would be...

    -Prevents use of side-saddle
    -Possibly harder deployment of brace due to using non-dominant hand?
    -Possibly less robust compared to SI original folding brace?


    My mistake, 870 with standard 18 inch barrel.

    Admin/Mods- Feel free to move this to "Shotgun Gunfighting", probably makes more sense there.
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    Some choir boy has spoilt this for me by asking the ATF if we may and it turns out we may not. OAL needs to be 26" or better with brace folded.

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