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    Default Hearing? and something weird I just experienced

    This may sound weird. I'm curious if anyone else has experienced this or I'm just "different."

    My wife bought a set of those cordless/Bluetooth ear buds for me for Christmas. I just got around to trying them.

    Stick'em in, twist'em around, get'em stuck in there good. Grab the phone, pick out a Beach Boys album and punch "409".

    I'm sitting here, listening and grinning and surfing the internet when my wife walks in and looks at me. I grin, raise my eyebrows up and it gets loud. Almost so loud I want to turn the volume down but curiosity over rides that thought. I go through a series of raise the eye brows - it gets loud again. Drop my eye brows, the volume drops. I don't believe it, so I repeat it multiple times and get the same thing every time. Weird.

    I can wiggle my ears pretty good, one or both together. If I sort of pull my ears back the volume drops more. Repeat over and over and get the same result.

    I repeat both till I start believing this is real and not jut me imagining it.

    Now, I'm wondering, if I'm outside at night, watching/listening for whatever sets the dogs off at 3 AM and I raise my eyebrows up am I suddenly going to be able to hear better? Am I going to be able to hear things I wouldn't otherwise hear?

    If pull my ears back am I going to drop the volume some on loud noises?

    Is this something anyone else has experienced. I mean the sound goes from "sounds good" to "man, I need to drop the volume some before I damage my hearing." Not immediately painful loud, just on the verge of being uncomfortable.

    Now, I can see the sound change coming from my ear canal changing shape to better (or worse) funnel the sound deeper into my ear canal to the ear drum. And if that's it, again, does it mean I can walk around in the dark with my eye brows raised up and hear better?

    Anyone else notice this? Or is just me. Or am I crazy?

    edited to add - Go ahead, laugh at me, but try it.

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    moving your ears adjusts the position of the earbuds in your ear canal making them get closer / farther from your ear drum, making it louder or quieter.

    Raising your eyebrows doesn't make you hear better.

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    You’re not crazy, at least about the hearing experience. Everyone’s ear canal has at least two bends as the canal approaches the eardrum. The angle of those bends vary per individual. In some the canal looks almost straight others ca have a 90 degree bend. Also, about the first two thirds of the canal is a softer cartilage. The last third is bone. So depending on the shape of the canal, when you insert something like an earbud, the shape of the canal can change. Sometimes making the canal open more or close more changing your perception of loudness. Moving the ear also changes the shape of the canal and position of the ear bud, which will change loudness.
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