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    . On my first draw, I immediately realized that this change wasn't going to work. The camera was in the way of clearing my shirt, as well as drawing my pistol. If I had just started wearing the camera lower without testing it, things would have been a gunfight. So again, the moral of the story: ALWAYS TEST YOUR GEAR AND YOUR SETUP.

    Had a similar incident when testing a cellphone case for EDC, that sometimes it would foul my draw only when done at full speed. Needless to say, that case was never used.

    In regards to Pull-the-Dots. Any preference on leather or polymer?

    I opt for leather if I can. I assume it would be stronger but I've never had either fail on me.

    I have found using Blue Locktite is a must to keep PTDs from coming lose.

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    Default Check Your Setup and Gear!

    PTD loops: faster, flexible, and “less filling” (thinner).
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    I prefer PTD, but Ulti-Clips are also proving to be good to go.
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