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Thread: Va update

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    Quote Originally Posted by apamburn View Post
    That's awesome and I wouldn't expect any less of someone associated with Magpul.

    I haven't been following as closely as some, but I haven't seen any overt actions by the organization as a whole. Everything has been organized by GOA and VCDL.

    Not to get too far off topic, but historically I haven't been very critical of the NRA. This time around though but I haven't even received any of their annoying robo calls raising the spectre of Virginia to ask for money. In fact, last time I checked their Institute for Legislative Action website I didn't even see any mention of VA.

    I could be very wrong about the org as a whole (wouldn't be the first time I was wrong about something).
    Very good point on the NRA. At least they were not opposing it. I am supportive of the organization, but not of uncle Wayne that needs to go. Perhaps they thought it was better to let the useful 'idiots' of the GOA do the leg work and if it resulted in violence their hands were clean. I bet or at least hope they will use this demonstration as leverage in their lobbying on the Hill and elsewhere in the various state law making houses of the land.
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    I'm assuming that they probably distanced themselves with all the idiots talking about "boogaloo" incase something popped off. Bad optics if something terrible went down at an event they were loudly in support of.
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