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    Rimfires are awesome. Iíve got a rimfire understudy for my pistol and my carbine, as well as a rimfire sniper rifle. It isnít just about saving money on ammo. Rimfires are fun.
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    Like this. Some are bolt action, but much more spendy than a 10/22

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    I do use the .22 CCI quiet loads for squirrel control. The expensive pellet guns with suppressor are maybe less noisy, but the rim fire CZ452 with timney trigger is overall cheaper, more durable, and more flexible for what it can be used for.
    There are some indoor ranges that do not allow anything bigger than .22 also.
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    I have been looking at the Glock 44 in 22 long rifle! It would be great to have a 22 that mimics the larger one I carried. I love my Ruger 1022, both for just blinking and for serious hunting. I need to get my Marlin 39A lever action out and play cowboy!

    A 22 is a great beginner trainer and has its use in refresher training.
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    I used to shoot my MP-15/22 every other day on my lunch break.

    I currently have a taurus TX-22 that i use to train new shooters with (will replace with a glock 44 when it comes out)

    If one was looking to get a dedicated 22AR I would get the one Tippman arms came out with they are allowed at the Appleseed shoots where as the S&W isn't they claim the Smiths had issues firing out of battery and that smith didn't address the problem.

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    Outside of being fun, .22 is good practice and I see it as basically "Dry fire +" because it doesn't have the negative impulse of recoil but it still gives down range feedback to the shooter.

    I've done a couple of rimfire 2-gun steel matches and they were fun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunstore Commando View Post
    I did one of those Appleseed shoots a few months ago. You can use any kind of rifle you want, but most folks use .22's (often Ruger 10/22's). I got a lot out of it and plan to do it again, probably repeatedly.

    Understood that shooting a one inch group at 25 yards does not necessarily mean you will be able to shoot a four inch group at 100 yards. But if you can't shoot the one inch group at 25 yards...

    I might also try to do some of those "long range" .22 matches ("long range" means like 200 yards here) if I ever get the hang of shorter distances.
    Big +1 on Appleseed; my dad and I got our start on firearms training through Appleseed over ten years ago, and I'm currently an instructor-in-training. The teaching method for marksmanship fundamentals is fantastic (even been used for military training in an instance or two). The Appleseed method is very specifically limited to training in marksmanship fundamentals, so one won't find anything else at one of those shoots. To learn the fundamentals, though, you can't find much better for the price.

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    Thanks for all of your responses. Appreciated!

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    I love 22 rimfire. Great fun, no recoil, pretty quiet, and inexpensive.

    +1 on Appleseed, I went to an event a couple of years ago, had a blast and made Rifleman. (Full disclosure, former high power shooter)

    I have 2 old Colt Troopers in 22LR and 357mag... you can't tell them apart from the side. You can practice your double action revolver shooting without breaking the bank.

    Marksmanship fundamentals? Rimfire helps reinforce the good stuff without the recoil.

    Rimfires will make you a better shooter.

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    Every bullet put downrange with purpose has value. I have killed more things with a 22 that my Dad got me in Jr Hi than all other firearms that i have owned combined I have taught dozens to shoot with that rifle. That rifle has killed yellow jackets, horse flies, rabbits, squirrels, ground hogs yotes as well as hogs and cattle for farm butcher.

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