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    Personal goals. On demand, no warm up, one round head shot at 75 yards (the extend of my range).
    2 inches off my belly.
    Increase my lifts by 30 pounds.
    Pay off debts besides the house
    Soli Deo Gloria

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    Mine are pages long, and I don't imagine many of you would be especially interested in my home improvement projects or what kind of a garden I am planning.

    This year I did something different, and added some daily and weekly minimums to be achieved no matter what. I posted these already in the "Core Skills" thread in Mind Dojo but here they are again.

    Irreducible Minimums for 2020

    5 minutes mobility work
    10 minutes pistol
    10 minutes Spanish study
    10 minutes kickboxing/karate/etc empty-hand work

    Strength Training (BB deads, KB c&p, cals) X 2
    Cardio (mostly ruck) X 1
    Anaerobic conditioning X 1, any of sprint, weighted carry, burpees (if possible), KB swings/snatches, heavy bag
    Emergency Services study X 1 hour

    Two days in and so far I have achieved or bettered the daily minimums, and the week is looking strong.

    Thanks again to our gracious host, and also to jwilliams, for helping me clarify these.

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    At least 7 hours of rack time, no excuses.
    "No plan survives contact with the 82nd Airborne Division."
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    Starting a successful business or otherwise supplement my income. Even if it’s just the beginning stages.

    Read eleven more books than I did last year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisNobody View Post
    I think this is a worthy item.

    My goal this year is to move the practice further. By this, I mean that I need to get the benefactor’s project back on track. The purpose of the project was to “move the ball forward” in terms of the study and practice of combatives. After nearly four years and $50K invested, the project has impacted a number of individual lives, but has not had a broader impact overall. Departments still teach the same antiquated material that does not reflect the reality of modern combat. Instructors succeed based on celebrity or simply seek out the perception of grandeur rather than impart applicable skills. Students seek out thrill and myth (I can be like a SEAL!) rather than acquire knowledge. The purpose of the project is to start a different path - to start developing next level combatives. I’m to get that moving forward again.

    If my health continues to improve - my heart doesn’t take a dump and quit, I need to get pushy and get it going again. I’m ready to get back on the firing line.
    I’ll work with you on this. My goal is to train for the reality we face in 2020: exceptionally well trained and equipped adversaries actively looking for a fight and willing to not make it home afterwards. A version of that was shot a few feet from my office earlier this year. I invite his friends to come by and say hello anytime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunstore Commando View Post
    some daily and weekly minimums to be achieved no matter what.
    One month accountability check-in…

    Yeah. Okay. So far, so good. Every day no days off. All daily and weekly goals met or exceeded. (Although I will cop to sometimes double-counting practice of “Changing Levels” both as pistol drill and also as mobility work. I don’t feel the least bit bad about that.)

    Getting back to the part about “or exceeded” — you know, sometimes the toughest part of the day is doing the first rep; or cracking the textbook open; or getting the practice piece out of the gun safe, clearing it, and standing in front of the dry-fire target; or shouldering the ruck; or whatever. Once you get past that, it can be kind of easy to say “yeah, this is going to be more than ten minutes today”.

    Conversely, at the end of a tough day, a bare minimum of stuff still gets done. And at the end of a tough week, even that bare minimum starts to add up. It’s certainly a whole lot better than nothing.

    I’m really glad I started doing this. Every day no days off.

    Thanks to all of you, for everything.

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