Scumbag communist media keeps saying 3 dead. It's 2.

When the story doesn't work for their agenda and narrative - they count the death of the perp to up the body count.

When the story is a total tragedy and disaster to serve as fuel for their agenda, the perp is not treated as a victim to be included in the body count.

They want to dictate who is and isn't a victim. And this is judged arbitrarily according to their ideology.

Let's see if I have the lamestream media's flowchart / guide figured out. I'm sure something like this is pasted on the walls of every editor's office.

Police kills - good
Civilian kills - bad

Body count low - count perp
Body count high - don't count perp

Perp suicides - don't count them
Perp stopped - count them

Someone suicides alone - count them for national "gun deaths" stats
Someone suicides after slaughtering dozens - doesn't count for the event, counts only for national stats

Civilian kills perp - gun death
Police kills perp - not a gun death