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    I had a 4” 629 for a few years. It handled hot DT loads pretty well. I sold it when I realized it did nothing for me based on where I lived and hunted. I’d have kept it if I lived out west. Slightly off topic, there’s no way I’d carry a single action pistol as a defensive weapon against anything. Also, I think that Ruger offerings are seriously under estimated in this area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel Suarez View Post
    Well...we would do a Heavy Revolver Class up here and I'd even get one of our local backwoods guys to tell us bear stories, but I don't know if that would be worthwhile or exciting enough in the age of enterTRAINment.
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    I've had a 629 4" for years. With full-house 240 gr. loads, it's not terrible, although I can't say I've ever shot more than 50 rounds through it in one sitting. When you finish with 50 rounds, you can definitely tell you've been shooting. I had a 4" Ruger Redhawk for a while that I could shoot the same rounds through without any discomfort. I think I put 120 through it in one sitting once. The 629 is a solid, accurate S&W and handles well. I've shot the 69 once. While .44 magnum is doable and functions well, the smaller frame doesn't soak up as much of the recoil as the 629 and you can feel the difference between the L frame and N frame. I really like the L frame for carry, but I think the 69 is better suited for use with .44 Special if you're going to put more than 20 to 25 rounds through it at a time.

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    If you want a 44 magnum with less weight than the standard 629, the 629 Mountain Gun is very nice. It's still a 6 round N frame but only weighs 38 ounces. It's what I carry in the woods in for larger predators.

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    The 4" 29/629 is a well balanced, excellent handling field revolver. Not too heavy. Not too light. Functions just as well with light loads as heavy. One of the best "Goldilocks" revolvers S&W ever made.

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    I have a 4 inch 629 and a 2.75 inch new production 69. The 69 carries very well but recoil is considerably more abusive. With full on magnum hunting loads it is not controllable in anything close to rapid, aimed fire—for me. I use a flat tip 240gr FMJ loaded to 1000fps. That load, at that velocity, is controllable and I still have confidence in it for the woods here in the mid-Atlantic where brown bears are not a consideration.

    The 629 is way too heavy to carry on a hike for me. It shoots like a dream though, with markedly better control and a better trigger.

    As for build quality. The 69 is ok, but in my opinion with the sleeve barrel and gritty trigger it is not even close to the admittedly older 629. I have gotten it to smooth out with dry and live fire, but it doesn’t feel as if it has the same quality of craftsmanship as the 629.

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    Quote Originally Posted by valian View Post
    If you want a 44 magnum with less weight than the standard 629, the 629 Mountain Gun is very nice. It's still a 6 round N frame but only weighs 38 ounces. It's what I carry in the woods in for larger predators.
    Honestly, I love the Mountain Gun both in the 629 and the 625-5 45 Colt Mountain Gun. The problem I have is they're out of production. Gabe asked if I could source him one. Hell yeah I can. The problem is support/parts and can my students source the same things I can? I experienced the same problem with the FS2000. I loved the rifle, but FN aborted it. S&W shows the 29 and 629 still in production. MSRP on the 29 is more than the 629 . No matter, it's something that is accessible to all our students. Even the one's like me who have a 29-2 from decades past. Elmer Keith was way ahead of his time with the 4x44.
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    I've been looking for a 45 Colt mountain gun a long time, I agree the best sw tend to disappear Into collections or holsters never to be seen again
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    Out of curiosity, have you considered the Ruger Redhawks or Super Redhawk Alaskans? They might be stronger builds than the S&Ws that can handle stout loads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisNobody View Post
    The 629 is a purpose built six shot N frame. It has a long history of strength and while it should not be fed a large quantity of heavy loads, it is built around a strong frame that has handled much for 3/4ths of a century.

    The 69 is an L frame revolver (originally designed to carry a 357 magnum max) that can shoot the 44 Magnum in a 5 shot format. This is only possible due to modern metallurgy. It is a great idea for a back woods “more portable” firearm, but is not designed around a steady diet of true magnum level loads.

    Both of these in modern form come from the factory in a round butt configuration and nearly any size hand can be fit as there are a huge assortment of aftermarket grips in both round and square (conversion) configuration. If you are looking for something to carry a lot while hiking the back country and only use in an emergency, then the 69 would be excellent. If you are going to shoot quite a bit...I would strongly recommend using the full N frame of the 629 (and keep that extra shot).
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