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    Quote Originally Posted by MesserMan View Post
    So, Gabe... what do you think of the Ruger Super Redhawk in .454? Iíve been eyeing one for a role like this for a while. Itís the only .454 that offers a full 6 rounds. More versatile than the .44 Mag. You can use heavy .45 Colt or light .454 loads to approximate the .44 Magnum, and step up to the full-house .454ís if you really desire the extra punch.

    Im picturing one with a 4.5Ē to 5Ē bbl, like the Toklat model with a comp added.
    Iím not Gabe but I have 3 454 Casull.

    I have the Ruger Alaskan 454 Casull , Ruger Toklat 6 Shot 454 Casull and 7.5Ē Ruger Super Redhawk.

    I only shoot Buffalo Bore 360 grain cast lead bullets and 350 gr reloads with Hornady XTP.

    Hereís the rest of them.

    The 454 Casull can shoot 45 LC and 454 Casull. But there is another brand that also allows 410 Shotshell, but thatís a 5 rounder.

    460 S&W Magnum can shoot 460, 454 Casull and 45 Long Colt. So your flavors of spice can really vary.

    Ruger is overbuilt and can handle the hottest loads.

    454 Casull tends to be high pressure so brass tends to split after only 5 reloads, vs nearly 20 with 44 Magnum.

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    Interesting post. I have been carrying a 657 with a 3" bbl for years. The weight and power combination seems to work well for me along with a good belt and belt holster (OSW). I use HSM ammo, 230 grain semi w/c as it was generates some impressive stats. I had been reading about the 44 mag vs 41 mag and picked up a Redhawk with a 4.2' bbl and thought that with the Buffalo Bore ammo I would be all set? I then started to read about the 45 colt, this resulted in a trip to the LGS and a 4.2' Redhawk in 45 colt. This past fall I carried the gun in a chest holster in the woods and around town just to see how and if it concealed. The chest holster allows me to wear it with waders while fishing and it also allows a backpack with a hip belt to be worn. This was driven home to me because its far to easy to leave the gun at camp or take it off while gutting an animal - as a guide found out the hard way in Wyoming in 2018.

    Other options
    I have a 6" & 5" 29 series and a 7.45" 454, I dont see these as the best options given that I have alternatives. I believe after reading about bear attacks that contact will likely be made if attacked and maneuvering a long barreled gun is more difficult while engaged with an animal, just like fighting with a puke on the streets. Shorter barrels are quicker while wrestling man or beast.

    To those that carry OC-bear spray, why build in what appears to be an escalation process by using arguably unproven sprays when mili-seconds count?

    Does anyone have experiences with HSM or Buffalo Bore use in an N frame gun and what it does to longevity with use ?

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    I donít worry about Buffalo Bore at all in my stainless Blackhawk. In my 4Ē 29, Iíll never shoot enough of it to worry about it. I shoot enough to get a feel for it and point of aim/impact and then practice and plink with ammo thatís more enjoyable.

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    The 454 I do not have sufficient experience with to comment. I will say that every revolver that I have handled in that caliber has been far heavier and larger than a comparable model 29. Again...for me, the weapon must be concealable because there are plenty of placed where doing so is a good idea. A big and heavy revolver that cannot be concealed to me is not as valuable as a short barreled 12 ga that cannot concealed.
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