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    This is one of those skills that has great utility in the real world, but is seldom discussed in flash-based entertainment rifle schools. Its birth came about after the April 4, 1991, in Sacramento, California. 41 people were taken hostage at a Good Guys! electronics store by four Cambodian Gang Members after botching a prior robbery. During the hostage crisis, three hostages, as well as three of the four hostage-takers, were killed. The fourth hostage-taker was captured by authorities, and an additional 14 hostages were injured during the crisis. To this day, the hostage crisis remains the largest hostage rescue operation in U.S. history, with over 40 hostages having been held at gunpoint.

    The assault was a sniper initiated event but the glass at the front of the store deflected the path of the bullet. The training changed for snipers where two snipers fired in succession. The two snipers aligned on the same target. They coordinated their breathing and upon hearing the report of the first sniper's rifle, the second sniper fired. The objective was for the first sniper's bullet to strike and destroy the commercial glass, clearing the path for the second bullet which was one second behind.

    In a broader context, it has application where there are multiple threats to be eliminated in the least time possible. As soon as a report os heard, they will be alerted so the coordianted fire of multiple snipers is useful to engage them simultaneously...or almost so.

    Examine the image above. That is my son and I after a few dry runs for timing. See the fired cases in flight.
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    This reminds me of something I read in a Rainbow 6 novel back in high school. The good guys were a four man team, and during one scene, they had 4 bad guys to deal with, who were still unaware of their presence. They each sighted on one of the BG’s, and the team leader counted down. On “1,” all fired simultaneously. I think the idea was that it would sound like one shot, but 4 guys went down.
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    Yup, our glass training was basically two guys fired on command, both on same target. One bullet would arrive first, breaking glass. One or both may still strike target. A CNS strike may be hard to guarantee, as even the 2nd bullet arriving may strike glass that is still in the act of “falling”. But, one or both of you will make a good hit.

    I will look for this incident, but does anyone know of a good AAR on it?

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    Watch Band of Brothers, where E smacks a German machine gun crew in a night engagement. Target assignments are handed out, and they let loose together. Not disguising shots, but taking away reaction time.
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    Another similar application- 3 SEAL snipers take out 3 Somali pirates out at sea.

    Interesting about the Good Guys incident, I recall hearing about it but didn't know it was the largest incident in the US. Was working at a pawn shop maybe 1/4 mile down the street. Almost ended up in that but opted to go a further store in a slightly better area. Fun times.

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