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    Quote Originally Posted by Oscar01 View Post
    Probably "rabbit starvation" aka protein poisoning. Good survival instructors will usually mention it.
    Ya it's happened to me a bunch of times when I cut down to single digit body fat, I ended up switching from chicken to beef for extra fat. On my current diet I'm sticking with chicken but using thighs instead of breasts for the extra fat they carry.
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    The only downside I have seen to eating primarily a wild game diet is the lack of fat in the meat. On occasion we have killed a deer with some marbling, but antelope are about as lean as it gets. To remedy this, I usually fry burgers in butter or combine the burger with ground pork or bacon ends and pieces to get the fat content up. Otherwise you have trouble getting enough fat in your diet to really feel satisfied.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Nichols View Post
    I just listened to a Joe Rogan pod cast with Glenn Villeneuve, who lived a minimalist life for years in AK and consumed massive amounts of nearly all meat in the winter. In his anecdotal review of his diet he found that his body didn't feel right if he didn't consume large amounts of rendered fat to compliment his meat consumption.
    Thanks for this. I'll have to put that on my list.

    Glenn is/was a regular on Life Below Zero, one of the few reality shows I can stand to watch. If the show is even partly authentic, he's quite the outdoorsman, demonstrating how a man can live alone in the Alaskan wilderness, not just survive, but thrive. Of interest to this forum, the rifle you see at his side throughout his adventures is -- according to his Facebook page -- a 30-06 Ruger 77 with a Leupold 2x7 scope and an SRT Shadow XL titanium suppressor. I was pleasantly surprised when I first saw him climbing a mountain with a silenced bolt gun. Says it's more for his hearing protection than scaring wildlife.

    Anyway, in the show Glenn shows how he harvests, butchers, stores and prepares his meat. He thrives on fat, treats it like gold.

    Regarding fat content and protein, the other reality show I enjoy is Alone. The fellow who won last season killed a moose with a bow. He thought he was set up for the long run, but a pesky wolverine picked a feud with him over his store of meat and fat. He finally killed the wolverine -- with a hatchet, yet -- but not before all the fat content had been stolen by the beast. He lost a lot of weight despite eating his fill of smoked moose meat every day. Lessons learned were 1) protect your food stores at all costs and 2) protein without fat content is not the answer.
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    If you have lean meat and what to add some fat and a good bit of flavor, try pork bellies. Basically raw bacon which mean no extra anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel Suarez View Post

    I also dont give a shit about philosophy any more. Even if eating meat was evil...somehow...I would still do it.

    This. Results speak for themselves. Nothing has come close for me in terms of physical gains than paleo/primal and lifting heavy weights. And same seems true for a lot of us here. Can't say the same for vegans...

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