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    Its no secret...I like the Sig P226 series. That series includes the 220, 225, 226, 228, and 229. There are advantages to the DA/SA that I have written about in the past. Its not for a manual transmission Mustang is not for everyone...but moving one. Here is a list of what we like to do to these to optimize them.

    1). We reduce the power of the hammer spring. The factory hammer spring is way over powered. We reduce to approximately 17-18 pounds.

    2). We select the correct trigger. I prefer the trigger seen in the image...the Short Reach Trigger. We made trigers for these at one point. These pistols are not the "disassemble in your garage and pop in a trigger" type however.

    3). We polish and smooth out all the connection and bearing points of the trigger linkage...and we NP3 coat them for super smooth feel.

    4). We reduce the size of both the decocking lever and the slide release. There is no need to ever decock at speed and we find the standard size levers tend to interfere with best use at we reform them as shown and then refinish as needed.

    5). Sights and Red Dot...because it is 20-freaking-20!

    There are a few other things we are looking at but those are the essentials.
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    This SIG owner has one more thing to be thankful for.
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