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    Default Statins coming under scrutiny

    "Others have not been so sanguine regarding the benefits of statins for primary prevention of cardiovascular disease (CVD). For example, in an editorial in JAMA [3], Redberg and Katz provided statistics that may surprise most clinicians: “a healthy man with elevated cholesterol will not live any longer if he takes statins. For every 100 patients with elevated cholesterol levels who take statins for 5 years, a myocardial infarction will be prevented in 1 or 2 patients. Preventing a heart attack is a meaningful outcome. However, by taking statins, 1 or more patients will develop diabetes and 20% or more will experience disabling symptoms, including muscle weakness, fatigue and memory loss.” Redberg and Katz concluded by stating that “statins are not effective in improving length or quality of life when used for primary prevention”. "

    "In summary, we have integrated the literature on statin benefits versus harms, with the views of respected key opinion leaders, to conclude that non-adherence to statin treatment for primary prevention of CVD is justified because the meager benefits are more than offset by the extensive harms."
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    Many of us have been vocal on this forum about the negatives associated with statins.

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    Everything I read seems to state 500mg of Nicotinic Acid (Niacin) gives far better lipid results with the primary side effect being the good old fashioned niacin flush. Flushing can be largely mitigated by low dose attenuation and working up to the 500mg over the course of a few weeks. Also taking your B3 with a meal will greatly help in reducing the niacin flush. I must be slightly masochistic, as I enjoy the flush up to about the 3-400 mg range.
    Longer release niacin does not seem to confer the same lipid benefits AND places the liver under load and in some individuals can cause liver damage.
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