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    Quote Originally Posted by Papa View Post
    I've read that 226 mags can be used in the P07 as currently manufactured.
    It worked for me yesterday. I tried two each of both factory Sig P226 and MecGar P226 magazines with my P07. All 4 magazines fit and functioned flawlessly with the P07.

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    Outstanding. Got me thinking.
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    Anyone with experience re: red dots on the CZ 75 ?? Any problems ? Thanks ! mike

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    The slide is really narrow compared to the plastic framed guns and an RMR or DP Pro looks really odd on them. Seems like I read (for the RMR) you need an adaptor plate mounted to the slide so the screws for the RMR can have something to bite into. Not necessary with a DP Pro.

    Picture of our CZ75 Compact with a DP Pro on it. Looks kind of wide/awkward but works just fine. The adaptor plate used with the RMR helps the wider side blend into the narrow frame better.

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    I ve had a cZ75B S/A now for over a year .Shot it in a dozen IDPA matches and it is great.I would like to CCW it but havent looked into AIWB holsters yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel Suarez View Post
    We have measured and the NSA will work.
    That's just the info I needed, thanks ! mike

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike28w View Post
    That's just the info I needed, thanks ! mike
    The NSA is a great solution for RMR'ing your pistol. Just had my Glock 43 fitted for an RMR by SI and it's my favorite piece. Such great potential in such a small package. People blink and look twice to see how it was done. Gabe and his team deserve a lot of credit for such a simple yet ingenious design.

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