I want to expand on Blastjv`s point a bit more about people who receive regular training and instruction in a formal setting; Friends getting to roll together with one/two sharing their knowledge and training.

My old Dojo has such a group that come together either on a Friday night/Saturday afternoon. The core of the group consist of members of the Dojo who receive formal instruction Karate & Jujutsu while the rest of the group are made up by friends who show up and take part in the training. Admittedly there there is a high turnover but within this group there is also a core group of guys who have stayed and have become quite skilled;Taking advantage of the training and instruction.

So in my small town with only one Dojo which has only managed to attract a handful of people through the years now has a bunch of grapplers walking around; from the moderately skilled, but still dangerous able to confidently apply and defend some techniques to the trained fighter who has never set foot inside a Dojo in his life.

And if there is such a group in my town it stands to reason that there must be similar training groups in other parts of the country, increasing ones odds of running into a trained grappler and not just somebody with a basic knowledge of grappling.

For this reason I believe that Karate Dojos in my country focused on Self Defence should include some basic escapes from the ground and fighting to getting back to your feet right away; Careful not to become Grappling focused.