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    Nothing special, just an SRT kit. I heart my double stack double action .45

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    Default P229 .40

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    P320 XCarry I picked up.

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    During the past weekend, I acquired a lightly used M11-A1. Two of the three magazines had never been used. After yesterday's live fire session, I am very pleased with this addition to the fleet.

    I find that my shot placement is more consistent with the M11-A1 than with the P226 Legion. Two things that may lead to the results: grips and sights. The G10 grips on the Legion are very nice, but have a wider profile at the rear, compared to the tapered rear grips on the M11-A1. The front sight on the Legion is green fiber optic, compared to the black/tritium dot sight on the M11-A1. The journey continues...


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    Sig Virtus 11.5" 5.56
    Two MK25
    Legion SAO 9mm
    (Last two headed to auction block)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jsavik View Post
    In desperate need of a mod to edit my photos...
    The IT guys can probably do it but I don’t see how to address as a Mod.

    What you need to do is edit the post. Then select “Go Advanced”, scroll down and select “Manage attachments”. This will open another window. You can select the two unnecessary pics and delete them. Save and you should be good to go.

    I post a lot of pics and the site does this sometimes. I have not found a lot of rhyme or reason as to when it chooses to add those additional pics. I think sometimes it will happen when you add a pic and then backspace over the pic to delete will delete from the post but then place it at the bottom like you see in your post. But it’s not consistent. Mostly the site works like it’s supposed to, sometimes with these pics it does what it wants.
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    Thanks, Brent. I found it worked best if I posted the photo from my phone, then edited the post on the laptop. Internet is so slow here it should be a crime.

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    Honestly...IMHO, the best DA/SA out there is the SIG P-22X series. I do hate SIG's mismanagement and how they discontinue products. They are worse than S&W.


    The SIG P226 series followed by the 229. Both analogous to the Glock 17 and 19 series/

    They made a SIG P224 at one time which was like the Glock 26. I have only seen them in 40 bur a 224 in 9mm would make a great NPE holsterless carry pistol.

    The SIG P239 - think of a DA/SA Glock 48 and that is it.

    The SIG P230/232 series. By far the classiest 380 I have ever seen or shot. Fit for a James Bond tuxedo scene.
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    The 224 is a nifty little gun. For a brief and shining moment couple weeks ago CDNN had factory rebuilds in 9mm and I scored one. The .40 I bought years ago got a Barsto 9mm conversion barrel and runs reliably.


    For my use a 224 needs 2 things: a standard length trigger and a magazine base "hook."

    What makes the 290RS better for pocket carry is the 224's weight. 224 is a brick of a gun. But in my hands it is substantially more accurate.

    I wish I could get the DA pull down a bit, but hammer spring is short and stout and I worry about messing with the slide's dwell time.
    This would be a hell of an EDC with an RMR and comp.
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    Thoughts on the P239 vs. the P225-A1?
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