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    Agreed 100% on the 320. I don't see the attraction.
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    My late 1993ish P228.

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    P239 9mm came in today and it appears lightly used, other than some past owner buggered the grip screws with an ill-fitting screwdriver. No problem, as new Hogue Piranha grips and screws are inbound. Both the DA and SA trigger pull is nice and smooth. I still prefer my larger P226 and M11A1, but this is a nice addition to the stable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShopMonkey View Post
    I could be wrong, but i have not come across any other firearm, other than a sig, that uses sig mags

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jesuvuah View Post
    Just the trigger. It's what came with my legion and I was looking to replicate that. It's marginally better then stock and the overtravel adjustment is nice. With that, the srt and the 19lbs mainspring, the trigger feels pretty nice.

    I still want to try a short reach trigger and e2 grips just to see if I like them.

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    Running E2 grips on my 229 combat & like them. I have decent sized hands but prefer slightly smaller than the stock plastic. Haven't tried the G10 grips & can't bring myself to spend $120 on a set when that covers 1/2 the cost of a range day. SR Trigger pinched my hand a bit, I do like the GrayGuns ELS, but have only had ~300 rounds on it since installing it. P229.jpg

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    No picture yet but I found a 229 Legion on GB and made the purchase. I definitely paid the procrastination penalty for not buying a year or so ago but what the hell. Definitely excited to get it and will post pictures ASAP.
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    Default SigP290 converted to double strike capability.


    I recently sent my P290 to Sig Sauer because I couldn't find a trigger bar return spring anywhere in the known universe and Sig wouldn't sell me one so I sent it in. Low and behold on it's return they had converted it to restrike capability. I guess it was fortunate that I sent it in because I like the improved trigger system. It's a little long but since it's a deep cover conceal I know I won't be shooting anything important.
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