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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel Suarez View Post
    IMHO, the 229 is the ultimate CCW DA/SA...
    I know this has been discussed to some degree before now, but I've never entirely grasped—why the 229 vs. the 226? I would guess that the longer barrel would contribute at least a modicum of enhanced accuracy and control over the shorter barrel, which would recommend the 226 over the 229. On the other hand those benefits could be negligible. What sets the 229 apart? (Asking partly because I have a souped up DA/SA in mind for the future.)

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    Having carried one or more SIGS for extended periods (P220s, P224, P228, P229 and P226) I find that the longer guns tend to bear on a surgical scar and chafe on the inguinal fold, even if holstered. The 228/229 do not, they clear the waistband more quickly and they are lighter. The grip is shorter but does not compromise control or comfort the way a flush magazined P224's does. The 228/229 feels more "lively" in the hand, if that makes sense, with the old stamped slide 228 having an edge here.

    Take a P226 in one hand, a P228/229 in the other and run through some dryfire drills. Then switch hands. The P226 isn't bad, but it's not as good.

    For me, anyway.
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    You know, I hadn't looked at the OAL measurements for each one. The 226 is appreciably longer, enough that it would make a difference in comfort and how well it handles. I carry a VP9 currently, and the 226 is definitely longer, whereas the 229 is almost exactly the same length.

    Looks like I would probably do better with a 229, then. Definitely want to handle them side-by-side, though.

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