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    Default Clean Your Blasters!

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    Many people do clean their guns, but incompletely. They will use spray cleaner or lubricant/preservative of some sort to wash off the obvious crud. Every so often, the components with in the slide like the firing group and extractor group should be removed, inspected, and including the channel cleaned. Even if the gun is just being carried and not fire alot, one should maintain those areas of the gun also. Wise to maintain some spares for the small springs and other little bits prior to going beyond field strip. For non-captive recoil springs, I do that in a confined space of some sort to make spring retrieval easier if something goes flying.
    This advice includes other guns. Just last night pulled out the house shotgun from its cubbyhole behind a bookcase to check because a nearby shooting incident involving car break in thieves shooting at a neighbor. Shotgun is fine, but did have some dust on it. The internal bits soon get inspected. It is an old steel frame pump gun that not including the light I have $80 in. I prefer a full length shotgun for those things that go bump in the night.
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    Sent to me from a friend. He's a local LEO, he unloaded the patrol shotgun to inspect it. Found some other officer put their trash in the barrel......


    So yeah. Clean your guns.
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    This is where it comes in handy to have been raised shooting muzzle-loaders. Compared to a rifle-musket, all modern guns are pathetically easy to keep clean.

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