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    Default Stribog: your take:

    9mm Stribog facinates me. And all the reviews I've read are good, too. But can it fulfill its potential, too? Your input is appreciated.
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    The SI RMR Glock PDW with a folding brace and a Happy Stick has caused all other SMG/PDWs to lose their charm for me. Looks cool though.
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    My friend's has been reliable. He likes it.

    I don't see any purpose for a carbine chambered in a pistol caliber for me except for cheap fun, and the reciprocating charging handle sucks which ruins that potential for these.

    It seems to shoot much softer than 9mm ARs but not as soft as an MPX or Scorpion. The trigger seemed decent but not good. Others liked it less than me, probably comparing to good AR triggers.

    I think the short handguard is awkward, but I guess it's not any shorter than some others on similar weapons.

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    This. My PDW and my TAC-14's have ruined my desire to buy anything conventional. Cost, compact, reliable, and easy to resource duplicates, if needed or desired, speaking about the pdw's. I have the ability to build 2 more if i choose to, in minutes.

    Quote Originally Posted by DogDoc View Post
    The SI RMR Glock PDW with a folding brace and a Happy Stick has caused all other SMG/PDWs to lose their charm for me. Looks cool though.
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    PCCs like the Stribog and its ilk are great for gaming and looking cool at the range. For serious purposes, a braced AR pistol will utilize a rifle cartridge that will solve problems better than a pistol cartridge. Shooting a rifle cartridge out of a braced pistol requires a little bit of training and skill compared to a PCC, but as discussed in the shotgun threads, is less interesting to the masses.

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    After SI Red Dot Glocks and a stock Tac-13 all my money goes to Nighthawk Custom 1911's now. I'm done buying polymers. I'll still spend money at the SI store though...

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    The Glock PDW will do 95% of everything that a regular SMG will do. There are still some areas where the SMG shines though. (I prefer the term SMG over PCC.)

    Strengths of the PDW:
    A very small, lightweight package
    Greater selection of calibers (yes, some SMGs come in different flavors than 9 but the PDW offers more and easier options)
    Easy to upgrade (and though not ideal is still useable even without upgrades)
    Nearly identical manual of arms to your EDC
    Same magazines as your EDC
    Easy to use one-handed if necessary, or off the support shoulder while still holding in primary hand
    Preferable in circumstances where no sling is necessary

    Strengths of the SMG:
    More size and weigh/mass than the PDW, which is desirable in some circumstances
    Wider selection of optics
    Slings are good for some applications
    Easier to use than a rifle or shotgun for weaker family members

    For me the PDW and the SMG do most of the same things equally well, or nearly so. They each have attributes that are desirable depending on what you want and need to do. I don’t consider a serious SMG to simply be a game gun, it’s a fighting tool that does make sense given the application. Most decent choices are significantly smaller and have less blast and noise than a rifle. They have their place.

    I have no experience with the Striborg. I have handled the B&T which the Striborg was clearly modeled after, and it was a fantastic piece that I would love to own, but I don’t want one bad enough for the price. I did read a review from someone that had used both, and while I always take reviews with a pound of salt most of what he said seemed reasonable. He actually preferred the Striborg. He thought that even though the B&T was a much nicer fit and finish, the Striborg had a superior design in the details. As I recall he preferred the safety and removable rails, I know there were a couple other design points he thought were better. He thought the trigger was not great.
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    I agree with Brent. Just like I refuse to call my rifles MSRs (Modern Sporting Rifles) - they are ASSAULT RIFLE DAMN IT - my pistol caliber long guns are SMGs. When Police agencies bought semi auto MP5s, they called them...SMGs. And if anyone starts bringing up the classic definitions Cooper used to perspire over, I will tell them their clips are empty.

    But as to quality - I am thusfar unimpressed with the AR versions, and thusly with the Scorpions. You may like them, but to me they are just a big shrug. If I were to pursue that market, I would simply go smash my face into a 45 pound plate until I got over it and them go back to what matters. If I was going to buy one, my preference would be a quality MP5 clone if I could find one that was not overpriced and built by blind people on meth, or more likely a SIG MPX and be done.

    To application. Once we get past the silly idea of going through life with a back pack filled with SMG and spare mags, and accept that anything more than a handgun is something you "GO AND GET", then the aplication is divided up between the short-braced-nonshotguns, a short-and-braced-AR-pistol, and the SMG.

    The only real comparison to me is single projectile vs multiple projectiles, and surgical accuracy or a rapier vs the destruction of a battle axe or war hammer. And the choice depends on your mission profile not what some sumo shooter did at a 3 gun match. If we compare the SMG to the Rifle (and that is what I am going to call a braced short barreled AR Pistol), they do the same thing for the same price and weight. One is louder and may penetrate more (which is mitigated by judicious ammunition choices available today).

    Perhaps if a few people are interested, we can set up a series of drills, such as handgun qual drills and SMG qual drills from various special units and run them both with Rifles, and SMGs, along with PDWs and RMR Pistols and see where things play out. We can set it up in Prescott, or if someone has a range in PHX area we can do it guys decide.
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