First of if their is any New Zeeland Tribe members please offer your insides to the posts because I realize a quick search on the history,meaning and purpose of the Haka cannot encapsulate everything in a few sentences.

An Irish sportswriter has upset rugby fans all over the world when he wrote that the Haka should not be performed by the All Black Rugby Team before a test stating that it has become to commercialized, losing it`s cultural significance but more importantly that it gives the All Blacks an unfair advantage over their opponents.

Listening to discussions by experts and sport psychologists attention is only paid to the intimidation factor of the Haka, people seeing it as the only advantage that the team derive from doing it before facing their opponents.

I agree that it is a great tool to use for that but but I believe that the Haka is almost like a extended Kia. Allowing the person performing it to quiet their mind and to focus on the battle/enemy. Expelling all that nervous energy/fear, adrenaline and getting ready to go into combat being switched on.

The second most important aspect that people also don`t pay much attention to and that we can relate to is that performing the Haka gives the person a sense of Tribe. Acting as a reminder that he not only represents himself but that he has a responsibility to his teammates, the All Blacks that came before him,his country, family-including those that has passed and his friends.

Using the Hake for it`s indented purpose,enabling them to "fight" better and not just as a way to scare their opponents before a rugby match.

FOOTNOTE: Traditionally the Haka was a celebratory expression of vitality and identity. It also acts as a welcoming process and not just as a way to intimidate their enemies, by demonstrating their fierceness and strength.

But because a rugby match is a physical confrontation I am interested in the Haka as a War Dance.