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    Default ammo and the shotgun

    This is one area where there are lots of comments and ideas as we optimize the shotgun.

    Some like a sidesaddle, some a bandoleer, some a bag or belt etc.

    My go to the longest time was a rolly polly pouch on the duty belt, if you recall I have given our patrol division one for their belt and they keep two 25rd boxes of OO buck in the door pocket

    I do the same even though my go to most of the time is a SBR .300

    With that rifle there is a mag in the gun, spare mag on the PC and a 20 rnd spare on my belt.

    I thought about what i might change if I Were I to change to a shotgun as the primary.

    Magazine would come off the belt and be replaced with a 4 shot safariland 12ga carrier with slugs

    pouch would remain and I would dump the OO buck there as always (as I did last weekend hunting an armed suspect in the brush)

    I dont use a sidesaddle on the agency 870 and I now run a magpul traditional comb shoulder stock (I was slightly faster to the shoulder with the non PG stock) agency guns get banged around a bit and exposing the ammo to the abuse on a sidesaddle doesnt fit MY needs. It is still a very viable option for others.

    This would give you 25-50 buck and four slug, separated and easy to identify in the RARE instance a change of load was needed (that you didnt transition to a pistol)

    WHERE do you need 25+ rounds of buck???? multiple breaches figuring 2-4 rounds per door (ive emptied an 870 on a hardened door breach) and youre into the bag pretty quickly.

    I should add that we were using #4 disintigrating buckshot as our breach round and the OO buck round Im testing is Hevi Duty OO buck which is supposed to act in a similar manner. You lose some barrier penetration which is the point in a breaching round. The patrol guys have federal 9 pellet OO buck.

    Just my thoughts so far, and I welcome comments ;)
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    I also prefer no side saddle, though I have them on a couple guns. They make sense depending on the needs and environment. I have one on the Stakeout that rides in my vehicle; I am not too worried about it getting banged around.

    Now that my AOW is a out finished, it will probably start riding with me. A friend of mine builds drop holsters for Serbu Shorties (he apparently sells quite a lot of these to swat teams for breaching). I have no desire for a drop rig shotgun, but he gave me the scabbard piece and this would protect the gun quite well. I probably will not put a side saddle on that, I like how light and handy it is, even though its limited to three in the magazine.

    I set up a belt for the shotgun class. It works really well however in a grab and go situation, it is still not as fast as simply throwing a bag over the shoulder. I will continue to work with the belt but ultimately I will probably stick with the bag.

    I fashioned a couple shell holders out of Kydex, these fit perfectly into AR pouches. They are just a little bigger than in AR magazine and hold eight shells. These are a little too loose to go in an open pouch on the belt, but with a flap pouch they are plenty secure. I had one of these on the shotgun belt and it worked well. The first five shells are easy and fast to grab, I have to dig a bit for the last three since the pouch is in the way. None the less I like them because the shelves are oriented the right way and they are quick to access.

    My small sneaky bag has two magazine pouches. With two shell holders, that is more than enough ammo for my needs I think.

    I also have a couple interesting shell holders that I got from Gunner Solutions (I think, its been a while and I need to look it up). these were designed for competition but I think work really well with some modifications. I will post about them later. The tension is adjustable, but nonetheless they are open and Im not sure if they would be secure enough for law enforcement needs. I think they will do fine for my needs though.

    I am curious how the hevi shot 00 works out. I bought some of their #4 buck, recoil is very light in my Stakeout and also light in my AOW (which is probably what I will end up carrying in the AOW; most of the loads I tested this weekend were pretty punishing).
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