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    Default Crime in NY is set to explode

    "Next year, when law enforcement makes an arrest, with few exceptions, the person arrested must be released on an appearance ticket. Further, the arresting officer must obtain from the arrested person three means of communication, such as a telephone number, e-mail address, or a relative’s phone number in order to send a reminder of court appearances just in case the arrestee forgets to show up. The reminder calls and communications must take place before a judge can issue a bench warrant for missing a court date.
    The new normal will soon be magistrates arraigning defendants (pardon, principals) only to release them on their own recognizance with few exceptions. A judge may hold people in jail for crimes such as murder, protection order violations, rape, and child pornography. However, such crimes as Manslaughter 2nd and illegal drug possession and sales – even Class ‘A’ felony drug charges – are mandatory release. Please, read that again so you understand the gravity.
    A judge can also hold a person in jail for committing a Violent Felony, which is the type of crime where a bad person uses a weapon or causes injury during the act. Astonishingly, not included in the list of violent crimes is Burglary 2nd degree and Robbery 2nd degree. So everyone is clear, Burglary 2nd is when a person forcibly enters someone’s home to commit a crime and Robbery 2nd is when a person forcibly steals from another person face-to-face."


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    I am in a sunny place full of shady people

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    Grew up there. Never going back.
    Warrior for the working day.

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    The problem is that prisons are becoming more expensive and very difficult to run. In the short term it is cheaper to turn them loose relative to the city's budget.
    Not cheaper for society. I once saw an estimate that the typical criminal per year cost society several hundreds of thousands of dollars per year when they are practicing their trade. Property stolen, broken doors and wrecked cars, hospital bills, insurance, etc.
    The ancient middle eastern custom that predates the muslims is amputation for thieves. Drastically cuts down on the cost of long-term imprisonment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by barnetmill View Post
    The problem is that prisons are becoming more expensive and very difficult to run.
    A great part of that is due to the fact that prisons have lost their true purpose. Nowadays, many of them are anything but punishment and aren't feared. But, we are a kinder, gentler nation that feels our prisoners should be taught, trained, and put in time-out rather than punished.

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    Another reason never to go there
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragsbo View Post
    Another reason never to go there
    Yep. When I go there, I like to go north. I have no reason to go into the belly of the beast. Besides, the north counties are pretty and don't remind me of an ant farm.

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    I escaped NYC 11 years ago, but not the state. Cuomo seems intent on making sure the craziness of the city is shared all over the state. Fortunately, I live in a county where they issue full carry permits...

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    IDK, I travel to NYC several times a year, at times monthly for a nice weekend, I'm a regular at the Paza Athenee. Great restaurants, outstanding walking town, phenomenal museums, greenwich village, little Italy, soho, Tribeca, I've wandered from wall street to Columbia, always have had a great time! NY is fun, despite the nonsense most believe it is very easy to wander safely in the city, AND it is actually quite safe as far as I'm concerned. Lots of hate towards NY, but most is unwarranted, just because you can't carry a firearm does not negate one from having other options should the need arise.
    And that 'need' has never arisen in over 20 years.

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    I won’t even PR for child support. I can’t imagine PRing for violent crimes, drugs, etc., especially for folks at the low end of the social spectrum who have every reason to not come back and likely will do just that.

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