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    Thank you for your kind words. The Nobody clan (Jonathan and Chris) are just that - nobodys. We are this for a number of reasons:

    1. We are nobodys - no special titles, no fancy names. There won't ever be a book or movie about us
    2. We are nobodys - We do the jobs that nobody wants to do. Whenever someone says "nobody would do that"...ultimately, we are the people who do.

    We are at the end of an era. The jobs that need to be done will soon be such that there will be nobody willing to do them (or those that do will be so frightening that we won't want them). I don't want to say that we are near the last of a 'breed', but it sometimes feels that way. If we look back at the era of Frank Hamer and the rise of the Texas Rangers, we see plentiful examples of individuals who were willing to do whatever it took to provide for the safety of others and who felt that it was some sort of 'mission' or 'calling' rather than simply a paycheck or stepping stone. Fast forward 100 years and while pay has increased dramatically, it is no longer a 'calling', rather just a 'job' for people who can't cut it in business or are waiting to find fame as an Instagram influencer. Sorry, that was my 'old man rant' about the kids needing to get off of my lawn.

    The baby LEO's of today do have hope; however, what is lacking is true leadership. If left to their own devices, they will create a system of less than mediocrity in which people get paid for their feelings. My core job is in turning failing companies into profitable companies. This is usually very easy. It is nearly always an issue of leadership rather than one of capital access, or market suitability, etc... The baby LEO's will be fine if someone will Lead and Develop them (Nobody will do a 'nobody' has to do it - thank you Lt. JonathanNobody). Once they are on the right track, they can and will share and develop their peers and future generations.

    This is why Jonathan and I have worked so hard for LEO scholarships for SI training. Between us of we have spent more than $50K of our own money to train and outfit many of these Baby LEO's. We have had mixed results, but some of them have truly stepped up and will lead the way.

    I'm not big about 'hope'. 'Hope' is what people spew when they want to win elections. 'Hope' isn't a strategy. I'm determined to make it happen (sometimes through brute force).


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    Ive said it before :

    limited mental bandwidth to handle a problem.

    DO EVERYTHING you can to reduce bandwidth load

    Can I kill, and at what level? Answer this first, if you cant mentally do it, find another vocation. This also sets your "Trigger" level beforehand.
    What if I die? Get insurance so your family is covered
    What if they sue? Get independent council beforehand CLEAT/TMPA/FOP etc.
    What does God say about this? Talk to a warrior pastor/priest/chaplain
    What if I get hurt? Disability insurance, work comp etc.

    All these things tie up the mental bandwidth we have, getting them all answered before the event frees up all that bandwidth to deal with the problem at hand.

    I'm not in the business of Losing

    A stab to the taint beats most of the mystical bullshit, most of the time

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    I will add that the LE Scholarship Program has been in effect for some time and if I use my fingers to count how many have actually used it, it would embarrass the profession. I don't know what else can be done.
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