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    I have been running a 10.5 with the SB3 brace in 5.56 and have had no issues...but considering possibly changing out the upper to a 300BO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel Suarez View Post
    Honestly...given the realistic contact distances for a private citizen who does not have fantasies of sniping to 500 yards in self defense, and with the advent of the AR Pistols...I see no advantage of a full sized 16" rifle over a 10.5" "pistol" with a brace.
    This is the conclusion I have come to as well. Will definitely go the AR pistol route, as opposed to the ATF paperwork hassle of an SBR.
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    In Florida there is a proposed constitutional amendment that may be on the 2020 ballot the bans new and registers old assault rifles. It specifically does not include pistols making the AR pistol a no brainer. Will not know until Feb 4 2020 if the state supreme court clears it for the ballot and it will need 60% yeses to pass.
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    Default In Praise of Simplicity

    I like short rifles, and I cannot lie....

    Despite the ballistic shortcomings, I am always drawn to the nimbleness of short guns. I appreciate simplicity, but not at the cost of a Fudd-length rifle.

    The challenge is to find the sweet spot of compromise. With 5.56, the general consensus is that 10.3” is the absolute bare minimum, and 11.5” is much better. But you definitely sacrifice some range with that. If you shift to .300BO, you can trim the barrel back to 8”, but your maximum range will shrink just a little bit more. With .308 Win, 18” is a sweet spot. I know very well about the range lost with a 16” barrel. (The SCAR 17 that I so wanted to be a 1000y gun peters out after the 900y line.) And yet I have lately been wondering about a 14.5” pin-and-weld for a .308. I’ll bet it would still do 700y comfortably, and it would have no problems penetrating barriers at closer range. If you really want simple, and barriers are a concern, I think AK-47 (or Sig 556R) would be a good choice.

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    I have a P&W 14.5” PWS .308. It is fantastic, with the exception that the welded on muzzle device is a beast. If I shoot it indoors (which I try to avoid), it blows out ceiling tiles and will put holes in drywall from the side blast.

    That said, it has proven to be 100% reliable and reasonably accurate out to 500+ yards (I run a Browe on it that has been reliable as well)
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    I am with Gabe on the pistol thing. I was just
    discussing this with my son today. 11"-12"
    pistol would be my choice, as well. Light, short,
    handy, manual of arms, light weight ammo,
    proven design, commonality of a million parts.
    And ringing steel at 300 yards with a red dot?
    No problem at all.

    I would settle for 16" if that was my only choice,
    but I would prefer one of my pistols for an urban
    or rural environment.

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