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    As far as magazines on the deck...unless the gunfighter is fixing a reactive stoppage of the weapon, ie. a malfunction or unexpected total expenditure of munitions, a partially full magazine does not belong on the deck during a proactive magazine change.
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    These are empty magazines, not partials.

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    I caught myself one day doing something similar.

    I was spending a lot of time Knive Sparring designing a Wheelchair Fighting System for Grading. The friend that usually helped me out did not show up at the Dojo so I handed the Training Blade to another friend and asked him to attack me.

    To my surprised he started the "fight" by attacking me well within my Effective Range. Allowing me to keep both hands up, intercepting his attacks and having multiple targets within easy reach.

    Instead I was caught already having one hand on a wheel, getting ready to turn left and my Blade already lowered to cover the "weaker" left side of my body, having already moved into my Fighting Stance.

    Because my regular partner had figured out weeks ago that there is really only one effective way for him to attack-Backing of out of Range and Circling towards my Left-He would do exactly that, starting the fight already at that "Sparring Range" and circling left. And anticipating this myself I would already be focused on turning, countering the circling leaving me vulnerable to realistic attacks.

    Doing this I neglected my biggest weapon when fighting-The attacker not being quite sure how to attack me in the first couple of crucial minutes of the fight and being caught of guard by my effectiveness in Melee Range-The attacker not having the inside information of my Training Challenges at the start of the fight and being able to take advantage of the right away, like my regular partners do.

    From that point on I made sure to train my Melee Techniques often when working Solo, ensuring that they are ingrained. Working with my guard high and using both hands at the same time.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaos View Post
    These are empty magazines, not partials.
    Strangely, there was a time in my life when we were taught to retain our empty Mags during changes. Admittedly, that was in the military and in a tactical setting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel Suarez View Post
    I was around when the QP was the cool thing. Its counter was the pie slice which was not like the flowing movement we do today. The main difference is a mind set issue. Are you there as fearful prey reluctantly hunting a predator? Then the QP may be the better choice as it is in my opinion, a fear based is the tentative pie slice. The latter may be fine for neophytes as well.

    But if you are the predator...there to shoot another predator...and you have a solid understanding of your self image and place in the universe...both of those methods are lacking.
    Many years ago, in the land of the pixies and fairies, I was armed with a SIM and lurking in a room full of furniture that, between victims, I rearranged in strange and wonderful ways. Everyone that did a quick peek got shot in the head, and everyone did a quick peek. Some tried more than once.

    One guy looked through the open doorway, saw a full sized couch standing on end, and said, " I'm not going in there." And he didn't. Sensible fellow.
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