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    Just as an aside we get faster response with license plate readers then LoJack in the area for stolen hits.

    LPR is a truly interesting development but if you aren’t on a watchlist not a ton to worry about. If you are on a watchlist there are counters .

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    A burner, that you paid someone else (homeless guy on the corner for example) to buy for you (so you dont appear on store surveillance), with a TOR browser and the Signal messaging app installed are your best bet as a privately funded citizen. There are other plug-ins and apps you can use too on your browser... HTTPS anywhere, and setting your browser settings and location in such a way as to make your digital fingerprint less precise.

    Of course, you have to remember to hide the phone in a faraday bag when not in use, and while at your home. You also cannot make phone calls from the burner and your regular phone from the same locations at close times. Surveillance will make you due to proximity of your other phone.

    TOR allows you to utilize the internet while having your IP address heavily obscured, amongst other benefits. And the Signal messenger app is the only one, to my knowledge, that uses private and randomized encryption keys for both parties. WhatsApp uses fixed, public keys, and is owned by Zuckerberg... so it's most likely compromised.

    With all that though, even when using TOR or encrypted apps, the meta-data is still visible. So, your surveillors may not know what you're saying or doing, but they can see when and where. Put enough when's and wheres together, and you get a pretty good picture.

    Beyond that, decent multi-band portable radios and antennas can be had for cheap. Again, however, one would need to talk in code, and not make radio transmissions for too long or too often from the same location. Triangulation isn't a difficult task, even for most HAM operators. The .fed guys have some nifty tools to aid in that endeavor.
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