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    Default US Navy Seals - How They Succeed Under Extreme Pressure

    This is a great article that applies to us as warriors. When I was gong thru flight school my instructor pilot drilled into me to keep the main thing the main thing. Fly the plane first and deal with the rest later. This was great advice, taken to the outermost point in this article.

    Navy SEALs Use These 4 Psychology Tricks to Succeed Under Extreme Pressure -How do you react in moments of extreme pressure?

    I was recently keynoting at a company when the presenter before me (an ex-Navy SEAL) took the stage to discuss the importance of succeeding under extreme pressure. It was a topical comment, as this particular company was about to go through an intense period. He shared an training overview video from the Navy SEALs detailing a particularly onerous part of their training--what's known as the underwater competency test.

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    Being experienced and acclimated to performing demanding, high stakes tasks reduces pressure significantly. Once you realize pressure is created by thoughts that don't serve you, you can channel and prioritize where and what to pay attention to.

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