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    Default Shout out to Suarez International team

    I want to shine the spotlight of gratitude and appreciation to ShopMonkey and Cheryl Suarez and whomever else was involved in responding to a problem. I had a couple of flat trigger shoe safety springs that went tango uniform on me -- it seems they both broke in the same exact place. Weird. I've installed 11 of these triggers and shoes in my guns over the past few years and never had a problem. Eh, things can wear out or break. The good news is they can be fixed ... if you know the right people.

    Anyway, late last week I messaged ShopMonkey and the next thing I know I receive an email that a package is en route to Kentucky. Today I received a box from Cheryl containing the necessary springs and roll pins, plus several spares. The parts were an easy install -- I wisely invested in a proper punches and hammer and bench block set years ago ... and learned to use them. Now I'm up and running with confidence.

    Not every vendor or manufacturer exhibits such service and integrity. I look forward to spending more $$$ with SI soon.
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