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    The way the dimensions look in the pic, it appears likely to result in significant neck-crunching and a majorly chicken-winged support elbow; doesn't look like it does much that another item won't do as well. Might have a particular niche role, but otherwise, that's a really short fore-end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by barnetmill View Post
    Who and what it is:

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    Does it use proprietary mags?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrstang01 View Post
    Does it use proprietary mags?
    Takes Glock mags

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    I'm familiar with them guy I know made GM in PCC division with one (some would say in spite of)

    I would pass They shortened the receiver so if you use a grip like a MOE there will be a giant gap between the grip and the receiver.

    The bolt is shorter and they actually advise not to use any trigger in it other than the crappy one it comes with (friends did some weird stuff when he put a hyperfire in it) the only trigger I can recommend for it is the KE arms SLT1 because it has an internal disconnector instead of the traditional external one. Also not compatible with aftermarket charging handles

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    ^Sounds like they intentionally designed it to be as unappealing as possible.
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    Wow....tough crowd....

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    Sounds like a pass for me. Thanks team.


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