My uncle bought 3 semi-automatic Mossberg shotguns that were used near the end of the Rhodesian Bush War. If I remember the story correctly they were used by farmers and not the military. Although this particular model was a favorite of the Rhodesian SAS.

Out of the 3 he made 2, almost as good as new, serviceable shotguns.

I got to fire both one of the semi-auto`s and my uncle`s Pump-action Mossberg. Because I have limited range of motions with me left arm I found the semi-auto easier to shoot. Needing to rest the but of the Pump-action on top of my right tight and then having to use my right hand to cycle the next round.

This was shooting the shotguns recreationally only, from the back of a bakkie, and not looking at ways in which I could use the shotgun to fight with.\