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    Default Clothing Choices for Movement

    I am at my wits' end in terms of finding pants that fit me decently yet allow me to move effectively. What do those here who value quality and a decent look but also want the ability to move freely when desired/required wear?

    For context, I am 6'2", 30" waist (last I was measured for a tuxedo, my natural waist measured at 29", but good luck finding pants that size), 34" inseam. Although I have long muscles, being a lanky ectomorph, I have legs that reflect that I hit the iron regularly (because I do), so while most evaluate me as having the build for slim-fit pants, I do not frequently fit into them well. (At said tuxedo fitting a month ago, I had to go up to 33-35 adjustment waist size before the pants fit even remotely well.)

    Anymore I wear Levi's 505 jeans, which technically fit around my derriere and legs, but they give me no range of motion, outside of ordinary walking.

    Yesterday I tried on some Kuhl pants, and the Revolvr line fit me wonderfully--the fit didn't make me look like I had on enormous sacks, it was comfortable around my legs and backside, and I could squat all the way to the floor without trouble, including with my pistol on.

    Any suggestions for Kuhl models or other brands? I do like to wear denim at times but have yet to find anything that fits me the way I want.

    ETA: Any suggestions on how to find decent brands at lesser prices would be appreciated as well. While I do not mind paying for quality, I hate to spend a huge amount of money on clothes and have to be careful with my spending right now.

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    Kuhl makes a line called Slax,that I wear at my veterinary clinic. The’re cut like khakis or well,slacks,but made out of some magic material that I cannot seem to wear out and allow exceptional range of motion.
    Couldn’t find them at REI,but available at Whole Earth Outfitters in Houston.

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    Duluth Trading. Lots of options. Very good quality that you pay for but returnable. Online mail order, some stores in the west. Find what you like, then wait for sales that will be 20-30% off.
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    Try levi’s 550 or 560.
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    Duluth trading or Wranglers for me normally

    I also buy Kuhl and REI brand pants as well. The last REI brand pants I bought were the ultralight hikers, with the stretch panels built in. They're good quality and allowed plenty of movement.
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    I've got Kuhl Silencr and Radikl pants. They are casual but can be paired nicely with a sports coat. The Radikls have a stretch panel along the side that I initially thought made them too casual. But my wife--who is the arbiter of all things fashion-related in my house--said they were no less business-like than the others. And I find the Radikl model to be more flexible and comfortable, so the next pair will be more of these. I looked at the Slax, but I wanted less cotton and more synthetic. Cotton kills.
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    Kuhl RADIKL. they are the Glock of pants.

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    Low rise is where its at for me. I am nowhere near that small in the waist and I suffer from noassatall syndrome but I do have quads. I have come to love Ariat M4 jeans if I'm wearing boots which is most often. Levi's 559,s are a close second and are a little better with other than work or cowboy boots and I have several pairs of 511 "strike" pants that work well also. All of these have "stretch" fabric in common as well as a boot cut. The Ariats will outlast the Levi's by a long shot. Levi's has an athletic fit 541 with a low rise and tapered leg (AKA looks decent with shoes) but I took a chance on them at $70 bucks for a pair and blew the crotch out in 3 weeks.
    Anywho, my profession and lifestyle doesn't require anything much more than casual, pleated khakis can do the rest. I can be in a ditch one day and pushing buttons programming electronics the next. Your situation may be different. I have given up on the concept of "cheap" pants that fit, perform, and last.

    I will also go ahead and take this opportunity to use the word haberdasher, just because I don't get to that often. If your profession requires other than casual, spend the bucks and use one. You deserve it as do your customers/clients.

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    Duluth Firehose Flex ballroom series pants.

    They're clothing styles range from business casual to work pants. No fancy stuff.

    They are a little pricey, but they are tough and long lasting.
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    Alternatively, get over-sized pant and have them custom tailored. Most dry cleaners do it now.

    Yeah, it costs, but it's worth it.

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