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    Default Going back to iron sights for a while...

    (Not really sure where this goes so I put it here.)

    I can usually hit what I'm aiming at within reason whether I'm using a red dot, magnified optic, or old school iron sights. This still remains true but last weekend I went to the range and busted out some of my milsurp rifles for fun. What I found left me seriously disappointed... While I hit all my targets out to 300 meters I really struggled past that at 600 with iron sights, and even at 100 meters and on a bench rest my groups opened up a lot. Now this isn't the end of the world as all my guns have at least a RDS and I'm unlikely to be shooting past 300 meters in anger. However, it's a reminder that even more than optics or red dots, shooting with iron sights is a perishable skill and my deterioration with iron sights leaves me annoyed and pissed off. So anyway, I'm going back to shooting with irons again for awhile and thought it was worth reminding everyone to make sure they revisit the skill... You never know when that battery may prematurely die or scope may break.

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    Daily (or at least as frequent as possible) dry practice benefits most of us. Dry practice isn't just for the trigger finger, it's also for the eyes.

    That should include some time with red dots as well as irons. It keeps the eyes sharp.
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    No need for an all-or-nothing position on this matter
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    I can't wait for the day when I can afford a SI Glock (which will be once I am well past law school) and can just turn off the dot to do dry practice with irons, then turn it back on for dry practice w/ dot and regular carry...oh yes. Why not have both, sez I.

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