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    I had access to a huge wooded complex of cemeteries adjacent to miles of city parks, a golf course, and green belts along the highways. Hop a fence and I was in "wilderness" patrolled by cemetery workers, "parkies" and cops looking for a place to "coop." I learned to move quietly in the woods and I had a lot of E&E practice.
    The el ran just outside and up from my bedroom window, but I could be in those woods in less than 5 minutes on foot.
    Half an hour or so on that el got me to the beach and bodysurfing in the Atlantic.
    Throw in the daily urban grind of crowds, crime, stickball in the streets.

    What a great place to grow up. And I did not have helicopter parents. They were too busy working and raising us, not stifling us. Benign neglect, maybe.
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    Default Modern solution proposed for The Overprotected Kid

    Article discusses the overprotection and lack of adventure.

    The Overprotected Kid

    A preoccupation with safety has stripped childhood of independence, risk taking, and discoveryŚwithout making it safer. A new kind of playground points to a better solution.
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    Research have found that kinds today find it harder to problem solve because the have lost the ability the think creatively and laterally. There days to structured and all their activities pre-planned.

    All their entertainment also gets presented to them already packaged requiring no imagination on their part.

    Because kids in the past had a lot more free time and were allowed to roam, not living such structured lives they had to come up with creative ways to past the time.

    Either needing to make up games, or a fallen branch suddenly changes into a rifle/sword and the kid is at once transported to a different time and place,imagining himself on some wild adventure.

    Also playing without a plan kids suddenly run into obstacles of their own creation that they have to solve on the fly.

    And of course time set aside for storytelling and reading needing to use their imagination to draw the pictures.


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