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    Code 4 Defense offers holsters
    for G34's. I will be ordering at
    least an OWB for my new upper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by agore View Post
    What holsters are our there? I just ordered a G19 street comp and need a holster to fit it. Possibly a duty/retention and a IWB
    I've been shopping for something for a G19 as well with a comp. Here are some that I came across worth a second look:

    Have fun
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    I’ve been running a Tier 1 Axis that I modded up a bit, even before the adding the Street Comp. Love it. Wear it 12-14 hours a a day including 2-3 hour drives. It is the most comfortable set up I have found

    Prior mods: (See pics.)
    1. Cut away/smoothed all excess kydex, especially around the bottom of the holster.
    2. Rounded the bottom/inner edges of the holster and mag carrier, then ran a screw through the bottom hole to create a pivot point.
    3. Re-threaded the shock cord through just the top few holes.
    4. Used the Pedag smooth black leather heel pads as my wedges. They mold to the holster/wearer just enough, and more importantly they slide/float on my underwear. This way as I move around, get in and out of the car, squat/bend etc; the holster moves with me and doesn’t spill out of my waist band. I tried regular neoprene wedges, Dr. Scholl’s gel heel pads, etc. The Pedag smooth black leather work the best for me.

    EDIT: I had already made a circular opening in the muzzle end of the holster so I could run my LaserAmmo set-up for dry practice. That’s why the opening around the Street Comp has that scallop look.

    The fixed pivot point on the bottom and the shock cord only at the top allows me to space the holster and magazine a little farther apart (my preference), and also gives the holster just the tiniest bit of reverse cant. (Also my preference.) Also allows the holster and mag to flex just a bit in all directions. Not so much that anything changes position, just enough for comfort.

    As far as the Street Comp, I just put the unloaded gun in the holster and used a heat gun to slowly heat the muzzle end of the holster. Then carefully pushed the Comp through the softened Kydex. Then finger-pressed the warm Kydex back the way I wanted it. Was a little hot, but I’ve also done the Tony Robbins firewalk a couple of times, so I’m into it. (First wife was a little woo-woo... And a little pain makes the pleasure a little better. Right Nichols?)

    Anyway, happy with it all. Here’s the pics.

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    I can’t guarantee that it’s good, but in my search I found Vedder holster. I sent them an email with a link to the 19 slide with RMR and street comp. They said it would not be a problem so I ordered. Holster arrived today and it seems like it will be good. Gun fits well and appears to be good quality.
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    My main weapon is a G19 Longslide made in the early days when SI had LoneWolf slides/barrels/adaptors with RMR mounted- it runs very well. As I'm SIG's neighbor, I drop by often, and their instructors and LEO attendees always want to shoot my gun. I shoot it better than a SIG320 with optic - I ran that SIG for a year and *wanted* to be good with it - but I still pick up the Glock and shoot better. So be it - the SIG320 goes to my son at Ft Bragg when he turns 21 next May.

    With a TLR1 and grip-switch it's well-balanced. But my G43 with SI barrel, suppressor sights and Street Comp is so very nice, I wonder if I'd actually be better off with a G19 slide and SI Street Comp? Is a G17 slide/threaded barrel and SI Street Comp possible? Longer, but - hmmm...

    And a holster - since that's the thread topic ;-)
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