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    It is good to hear that the TAC-13 is reliable and that is the biggie.

    One advantage that favors the semi-auto is that it is simpler to run IMHO. Running the pump after each shot and also feeding shells at about the same time looks real busy.
    Additionally the semi-auto TAC-13 is supposed be:
      Gas system optimized to run common light field loads or full power buck and slug and anything in between
      Patented Versaport gas system is self regulating and offers very manageable recoil in a compact package
    I would really like to hear about perceived recoil of it versus the pump gun. (With the same stocks, loads, and no porting)
    A dead gun and transitioning is not the same issue for a civilian. I will not be letting go of it until I am safe or the gun is not operating.
    It is only available in 12 ga.
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