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    Agreed,Age is only a number.Pump iron.

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    This is exactly the practice I have embraced. In my case 70 is the new 30. Good advice for everyone.

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    Grey Steel channel. Lifting iron for geezers. More gooder than prancing around a chair...

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    I'm still just in my 40s, so I hesitate to comment on "what it's like to be a senior." In my own life, though, the only change I've made is to allow for more recovery time after really intense workouts. Sadly, I can already tell that my reaction time is a little bit slower than when I was in my 20s, and my eyes aren't quite as keen. But I'm stronger now than I ever was. I'm also more handsome.
    Virtute et Armis

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    I need more recovery time but my reflexes have improved...mostly from being able to see thing more clearly through experience. A great deal can be done with creative pharmacology. We do not need to mimic our parents and grandparents.
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