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    I have no tolerance left for the cowards and poltroons of the modern age. They would rather die? Great...I am all for it. The more toothless and clawless the terrorist kills, the greater my achievement in killing him
    Note to the pusilanimous...I am not there to save you...I am there to Express my lion nature.
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    I feel that a lot of these statements are in fact rhetorical questions confirming their beliefs.

    With me these questions run along a familiar path with 3 predictable stops along the way if I have not manged to change the subject/the person seems determined to win the argument.

    1.The battle is already lost:The odds are simply stacked against one from the start-Age, health problems, the attackers are armed and the most popular, you cannot fight back against multiple attackers.

    2. The religious argument:Violence/killing is wrong, you know where you will end up when you die, so why choose to fight back and everybody`s go-to simply praying is enough.

    3. At this point if they have not managed to convince me of the validity of their argument people will look down their noses at me and proceed to ask me in a very patronizing manner what I expect to accomplish if attacked.

    Now up until this point I have either being a good host/respected them in their homes but will now end the conversation forcefully with a short answer, making it clear that I am confident in my abilities to prevail despite my physical challenges.


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    Trying to reason with a closed mind is pointless, and their minds are locked airtight. Ego investment is involved.

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    This is sound advice and most of the time a follow it,steering the conversation towards a different topic/I bite my tongue.

    But some people`s superior looks and all knowing tones of voice get under my skin and I end up taking the bait.


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    Agree re. the entire OP.

    Some other thoughts.

    Re. 2 below: I'm sure Texas has experienced a massive "transformation" in its population since the immigration reform act of the late '60s. "Demographics is destiny." Ann Coulter said something like Democrats couldn't change voters minds, so they changed the voters. You change the people, you change the culture and the laws will inevitably will change. The Texas of today isn't the Texas of '40s, '50s and early '60s Westerns. Heck, a third of a century ago, when Reagan was starting his 2nd term, the GOP in Houston ran a "Straight Slate" to stop the pro-homo agenda. They failed!

    Texas did not join the modern Shall Issue movement until 8 years after FL. It hasn't joined the modern Constitutional Carry movement, and it's been since 2003 when Alaska started it and 2010 when Arizona really got the ball rolling. See the maps at:

    Plus, I wouldn't be surprised if there were carriers at one or both incidents who's philosophy is "My job is to get home at night. My CCW is to protect me & mine. All other adults get to live, or not, with their choices." IOW, they follow the lamestream MSM and LE advice that they're not "wannabe cops" and not to "play hero", just be a good witness and call 9-1-1 and let the "thin blue line" professionals handle things, rather than amateurs.

    Re. 3: I would NOT be surprised if antis pretending to be on our side, ID and befriend and psychologically manipulate vulnerable young men into "going postal" (going out in a "blaze of glory"). We finally have SCOTUS somewhat on our side. We have >5 2nd A cases before SCOTUS this term, we could get a Right to carry and 2nd A protection for standard cap mags and EBRs/AWs. Soros, primarily, and Bloomberg and others would not want that. AWs are the best firearms for resistance against the state/tyranny. If Hong Kong goes the way of Tiananmen Square, it may give us the perfect opportunity to justify the Right of the People to Keep and Bear AWs.

    ETA: Of course, the antis want to foment anti AW hysteria to use in the election against Trump, against GOP Senator candidates and against GOP House candidates. They do this to both pass gun control legislation and to stop pro RKBA federal judges/justices (RBG isn't getting any younger).

    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel Suarez View Post
    Social/Political matters -


    2). This is the second shooting event in Texas in the last few weeks where no victims were armed, fought back in any way, or had any role in the event other than being a target. When we see this it is difficult to refute the other sides' position that "regular people" being armed is not any guarantee of safety against such events. Why do these "regular people" not carry weapons and shoot back...not to mention smash opposing vehicles off the road? I don't know.

    3). This is now - what - four major shooting events in the nation in one month? Hard to imagine the timing is coincidental, but the truth is way above my pay-grade. What I do know is that the nation is at a crossroads of communism and capitalism and what happens in 202 is far more important than the NRA, background checks, or polymer 80 receivers.

    Lets discuss
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    "Diversity" causes civil wars.

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    I know that its become vogue on other tactical forums that CCWers should not intervene in a mass shooting. Whenever I see this I cringe. As Gabe says, we cant counter the left anymore with "ccw would have stopped this" if we dont have ccwers standing and delivering when these things happen. I wish those other instructors would think more geopolitically. Politics was my profession and with their attitude they are going to push us back toward the pre ccw mindset.

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