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    SI Night Sights are the best there are IMHO. I've installed a shit load at Ray's Pawnshop and my own V3 G19 wears SI Straight Eights.
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    I've loved me some Straight Eight night sites since I had Heinie's installed on an Ed Brown 1911 way back in the day. Never did appreciate the 3-dot configuration too much.
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    I've been slow getting into the RDS sights on a handgun. Now that I've taken the leap and have started to get accustomed to the RDS, I've gotten to the point where I don't want anything else distracting me in getting the right sight picture. Any pistols equipped with a RDS works best for me if the back-up sights are just solid black. Maybe it's just having old eyes, but anything else tends to pull my attention from the red dot..

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    That's some real Area 51 type sight picture. Now check it under NODs with a IR laser added to the pistol if you really want to be confused.

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    Two dot night sights for me too

    I don't need sights that make the top of the slide look like O'Hare Airport at midnight.

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    The SI single lamp front and rear are in my opinion the best set up with the RMR. It lines you up and helps in acquiring the dot in no light situations. Brent, Gabe, and I did a bunch of work on this in the bushes behind Casa de' Suarez after class a couple of nights and this configuration is what I personally liked best. If I would make any adjustment to that I'd take a front lamp only and completely blacked out rear.
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    I was shooting with a group at a local range recently, and we shot one exercise where the lights were all turned out on the range. After waiting for everyone's eyes to adjust you could just barely see the outline of the target. We shot from a variety of ranges. We also shot moving forward, backward, and laterally.

    With an SI 319 setup with a single lamp front and rear, and an RMR06 my groups were only little larger than they would have in full light. In a distant second place (not as bad as a shotgun pattern, but not a lot better) was a pistol with traditional single front/dual rear lamps with a cheapie RDS. Everyone else shot patterns--not groups.

    Additional observations: Getting a proper sight picture with the SI setup is about as quick in the dark as it is in the light--the limiting factor becomes seeing the target itself. If your draw and presentation is good in the light it will be good in the dark. Verifying that you are pointed in the right direction becomes dirt simple. Any other setup is just clutter and confusion.
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