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    Some other things about a real fight, (vs the ring, Octagon, on the mats, etc.):

    No warming up.
    No info/intel on your opponent, other than what you have might observed in the moment(s) before it goes.
    No gloves.
    No mouthpiece. (I wonder how many “pros’” jaws are far-more glass-like than we would think if not for a modern mouthpiece.)
    No referee.
    No rules.
    Often Alcohol/other intoxicants. Which as we all know when mixed with testosterone almost always equals moronic overconfidence, slowed reflexes, etc.

    So we have a couple of drunk dudes, one of them (Camo shorts) pushing over 200 pounds, throwing at each other with their chests and chins out.

    200+ pounds of body weight even falling behind/into a hand-strike, then landing on an unprotected jaw/chin is going to put most anyone down.

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    With his first punch Shirtless was all squired up and was not able to put his weight behind the strike. But what the first punch did was to help to position his body better for the second strike. Enabling him to add a bit more shoulder and hip to the punch.

    It is also noticeable that Penn is not wearing any shoes making his feet prime targets in the Clinch. I remember an article on the old Karate Blog, Fighting Arts, discussing a Bunkai where you target the bones of the foot when wearing shoes.

    I cannot remember the details of the technique but you end up separating some of the bones of the foot, using a very simple setup and movement instead of just stomping the foot.

    Penn was also fortunate that the fight did not go the other way with him hurting Shirtless badly and having it all caught on video, then having some overzealous prosecutor with political ambitions going after him.

    This immediately reminded me of the Parking Lot Shooting and where Randy pointed out in his post that being armed any confrontation you instigate has the potential for a lethal outcome.

    I also believe that it applies in this case with Penn`s training and experience, seemingly giving him the potential, in the eyes of the average person to hurt/kill somebody, with plenty of video evidence to back that assumption up.

    He should therefore not be going around getting into street fights, seemingly acting restless, even dangerously, using his above average abilities to assault people.


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