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    Good catch. Yes if you can provide police and EMS a 9 line it will help them ensure that they have the right amount of resources for the scene. Understand this is a military thing but most of the information is applicable.

    9 Line Medivac Report:
    Great point - the value of formatted reports is that the prompts help ensure you don't forget anything crucial, like how they'll find you at the scene (Line 7).
    Also note that many pre-packaged IFAKs come with a waterproof 9-line card already in them, so don't throw that away just because you're not deployed to Uruzgan or something. It's way easier than relying on your memory.
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    If WT was to award a Thread of the Year award this one would be a contender for sure.

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    Excellent material. Tier 1 CERT here and no respect from local EMS. We train and meet at the main fire station and have a duty paramedic teach medic-fu when they can. They've told CERT plainly that they'll broom any on scene CERT and start from zero when they arrive, and won't waste time hearing what was already done to whom. No use arguing so we'll do what we can and keep ego out of it when the adults show up. Had a similar chat with an ambulance crew from a neighboring department and they feel the same way - CERT aren't medics so push past and get to work. It's good to know that while its quiet - it'd be a shock to run into it mid-carnage.

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