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    Default RMR and other RDS on .22 LR advantage aluminum conversion kit slides

    I have a .22 LR Rimfire conversion kit that works on my G33 frame. In order to make a suitable trainer it should have a RDS similar to what my center fire glocks have.
    Has anyone here mounted a RMR or other small RDS to these aluminum slides.
    Possible issues: .22 LR conversions kits use light wt slides since they are blow black work with the low recoil of .22 LR. would mounting a RDS increase the wt too much for function.
    Is the aluminum strong enough and suitable for the milling and drill-tapping needed?

    I sent an email to advantage asking the same basic question and am waiting on what they have to say also.

    I could try the SI adapter that fits in the dove tail and rear slide slot also to see about the wt. I do not know if that will fit in an inside the waistband appendix holster or not.
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    I have an Advantage Arms conversion unit for the Glock that I use A LOT and even with CCI Mini-Mags I get malfunctions because the slide doesn't go fully forward into battery.

    I sure don't think adding weight to the slide by putting an RDS of some kind on there would work. The .22 round just isn't hot enough.
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