A friend from my old Dojo visited me on Wednesday before picking his wife up at the Dojo. When I asked how him and his wife`s training was going I was sorry to hear that he has decided to stop training due to injuries. Still able to handle himself in training when "fighting" but unable to keep up with them competitively.

I also felt a bit nostalgic because we met at Karate and had always trained together. Even having to move to 3 different Dojo`s together to continue training.

He went on to say that his wife has started shooting more and is considering quitting Karate to focus on Practical Shooting, having grown bored with training after getting her Black Belt and because of her age no longer doing as well at competitions as she would like.

If we step of the obvious pitfalls of competition for a moment my friends situations also point out how limiting training becomes if the focus is on getting something-winning a medal/getting a Black Belt, versus learning to set personal goals. Goals that can still be achieved despite age/injuries.