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    When my wife was pregnant she asked me to solve the same problem, my solution was a S&W 351pd (7 shot, 22mag) with a Clip Draw. She took to it immediately and calls it her Little Boy Blue, which, of course, makes me say, "You're my boy, Blue!" Only downside is she likes it so much that it's still her edc and her G42 stays in a drawer most days. The Ruger LCR (which I've come to prefer over the j-frame) in .22LR would also work well in this role.

    Lil Boy Blue.JPG

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    Went through this just last year : son is now 10 months old. Best solution we found was he purse defender from Crossbreed. Very good piece of gear, hard insert that ANY holster shell can be attached to; it also works for desks vehicals lap top back ect, small enough to fit any purse and gun is secure and can be oriented any which a way,

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    Quote Originally Posted by TyGuy04 View Post
    Yeah, now I just have convince her of that. She's the one woman I know who doesn't like to carry a purse.
    She's going to have to get used to schlepping a baby and a diaper bag. You can stuff a lot of firepower in a diaper bag.

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