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    Default Deep into the mind and ideology of Islamic Terrorists

    Havent posted much the last week as I was at a Boom school having a great time. Got to meet and learn from instructors that literally could give you islamic history and conflict in detail since around 1500 . Great class, anyhow they had some recommendations and gave us some .gov apps and sites to further assess and plan around incidents (interdiction or prevention/hardening).

    One of the open source locations can be accessed through the clarion project :

    Where you can read their own words, ideology, interpretation of us. And when you have friends family that disagree with your view on islam, you can point them to the actual words of the terrorists themselves.

    It will also cover the TTP suggested from these groups directed to homegrown violent extremists.

    Knowledge is power, and knowing the enemy (what motivates them, how they see you, how they train, etc.) is paramount to beating them.

    As an interesting aside you can also search by state for currently identified groups and why/how they were identified.

    Unfortunately I cant give out the .gov access, but anytime I am told of or find an open source to information I will try and post it here.

    Most of the rumiyah links work and all of the dabiq links work to the issues.
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