I think we all agree that some people should not have guns...nut in truth, they should not have the same freedom in society that the rest of us do...like driving, making financial and political decisions, etc. Sometimes it is obvious...walk into a an MVD/DMV and look at the people that are on the road with you and your kids. Amazing isn't it. I wonder if anyone has done a study on how many deaths are caused by -

a). Impaired drivers
b). Drivers too old to drive
c). Shitty cars that should not be on the road

I know the arguement is that the consitution does not recognize anyone's right to drive, but that is cold comfort to a father mourning the loss of his entire family because nobody denied the 85 year old blind guy on oxygen his ability to drive on the same roads.

The same issue presents itself with firearms, bit it is a far more incendiary discussion because in fact there is a national conspiracy to deny firearms to normal people. I will say that the world would be far better if I could decide who is armed and who is not, and if I could require a safety test (similar to what a driver is required to show) before a CCW is allowed to carry in the world among other people. The perfect world would have me...or someone of similar mind and perspective deciding. Sadly we know this is not going down that way. Once the door is open, the decission makers can be anyone.

That said, I think the Red Flag laws are inevitable in the end. You can vote all you wish, but at some point a compromise will be made. Examples -

1). Border Wall, or no red flags?
2). Additional PERMANENT tax cuts, or no red flags?
3). Abolish Obamacare...or no Red Flags?

Me...I may be tempted to select the former as those elements affect me and my objectives far more than the latter. But its not up to me...or you really.

So my view on the matter is this - DON'T KEEP ALL YOUR EGGS IN THE SAME BASKET. Buy several Pelican Cases. In each one place a Glock (use dual illuminated RMRs), five magazines, 100 rounds of ammo, an AR Pistol also with five magazines and 200 rounds of ammo. Throw in some dessicant and preservative. Place these cases in places that are not under your legal control. Think burried somewhere remote...think in a storage unit you paid for in cash and that cannot be traced to you...think entrusted to a good friend (they kind that would not only help you move bodies, but also eliminate witnesses). The number of these cases may be directly linked to your exposure to such laws.

More to discuss I suppose as the week unfolds.