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    Hoezit! Barnetmill

    What I was trying to get to was not asking if you guys though it would be easier/possible to create distance between yourself and a scandal if you are famous, by having people cleaning up the mess for you.

    But instead saying that you cannot be outraged if you get caught up in the scandal as a friend of the accused. If you have chosen through the years to ignore constant rumors from multiple sources that your friend is involved in criminal activities.

    That it would be a smart move, especially if you are high profile, to check those rumors out for yourself.

    That simply not being asked to do anything illegal/witnessing a crime taking place is not enough of an excuse/a reason to claim that: "I did not know what was going on." Ignorance being no excuse."

    Part of the OP was:
    Would it not be prudent on my part to check these rumors out for myself.
    And I told that someone at the level of prince in the royal family likely has people that do check such things out.
    These are the headlines
    Epstein Associate Prince Andrew Denies Involvement in Alleged Sex ... › ... › Prince Andrew › Buckingham Palace
    2 days ago - ... appears to show Prince Andrew waving goodbye to Epstein while ... revealed further allegations of sexual molestation against the prince ..
    I think the prince is not telling the full truth.
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    O Okay Bartenmill

    I get your reply now.

    Thanks for the headlines.


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    If one was a celebrity of some kind, or very wealthy, wouldn't it make sense to have competent private investigators on retainer to check out people who want to be your friend or business partner? Best to avoid the appearance of impropriety. Best to avoid being caught up in somebody else's scandal.

    But it seems that people who are famous or wealthy begin to believe they are invulnerable or somehow above the law, and they throw caution to the winds. Sometimes they come to regret doing that.
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    power corrupts. then you get caught.

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