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    Default What other shooters think of my SI-319

    I'm participating in a "Church Security" training course at a local range, and the SI-319 I have been using has been making quite an impression.

    We ran a drill last night that required each shooter to fire 3 rounds from each weapon being used in the class. The firearms included a SIG, a polymer CZ, stock glocks, miscellaneous junk, and, of course, the SI-319. Two others were equipped with RDS: None set up correctly.

    Guess which weapon consistently produced the best groups for each shooter (even among those who had never used an RDS before).

    Guess which weapon's trigger was universally praised.

    I fielded a lot of questions about the trigger, the logo on the slide, and "What do you mean by 'Proper co-witness'?"

    The SI-319 is an excellent example of the quality that you get from SI (training materials, hands-on training, hardware, etc).
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    Not surprised. SI is my Go To vendor.

    Great ideas that are well executed.

    And their customer support is excellent as well.
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